Located at the foot of Lythe bank Sandsend is a picturesque village set against a backdrop of cliffs and two meandering streams which lead to the long sandy beach. At low tide, a walk under the cliffs at the North of the village provide the possibility to explore the hidden world of rock pools where you may discover small fish and crabs, other marine creatures, shell fish and anemones. If you look carefully you have the the chance to discover a fossil or two. As always be aware of danger of falling cliffs also check the tide times and do not become cut off by the rising tide.


There are also beautiful walks through Mulgrave Woods.  You may even discover the old castle ruins.  The woods are open to the public on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (excluding May).


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Self catering holiday cottages, close to Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay, rural, quiet and relaxing with easy access to North York Moors and Coast.


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